About Sherryl
Sherryl grew up in San Diego, California, as the youngest of three.
Working for the State of California, at the Department of Justice, taught her the inner workings of law enforcement.  The influence of law enforcement situations can be felt heavily in the WeHo series. She married her husband and had two children around this time, as she continued writing and attempted to get published. Following repeated rejections from agents, she began to give up.
Always the romantic, Sherryl began making up stories as a teenager, but the writing increased most fervently after marrying her wife, Tirzah! Together they decided to self-publish the first few books in the WeHo series, before catching the eye of the innovative fiction publisher, Vulpine Press.

Even now the books are being professionally produced, the books still keep the same original flavour, whilst being distributed all over the world. Tirzah's photographs regularly grace the front covers.